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Network Team Update

· 2 min read
Marcin Szamotulski

High-level overview of sprint 44

Bootstrap Peers

In this sprint, we focused on developing bootstrap peers.

Thanks to the input from Samuel Leathers (IOG) and John Lotoski (IOG), we identified a possible improvement to bootstrap peers. A more detailed description is available here.

Cardano-Node-8.4.0 Release

We also were responsible for the cardano-node-8.4.0-pre release. A final integration PR is currently being merged. We published new versions of ouroboros-consensus, cardano-api and cardano-cli.

Towards Typed Protocols

We also updated the future typed-protocols- and its integration with cardano-node. This is towards our goal which we planned for the next quarter. The identified tasks are to fix breaking tests, and then measure and address possible performance regressions.

Tech Debt

Mark Tullsen (Galois) submitted two more PRs: ouroboros-network-#4663, ouroboros-network-#4664. We provided feedback on their other pull requests: ouroboros-network-#4661 and ouroboros-network-#4660.

P2P adoption

In the last two weeks, there was a regression in P2P adoption concerning the number of SPOs or stakes, although the number of overall P2P relays has increased. Karl Knutsson (Cardano Foundation) is investigating this issue. P2P relays

The following graphs show several different versions of relays running on the mainnet. The green line NodeToNodeVersionV10.True denotes P2P relays, which slowly increase over time. The V9 and earlier versions of the node-to-node the protocol indicates nodes version 1.35.x or earlier. node versions

Data has been kindly provided by Cardano Foundation and their mainnet monitoring infrastructure.

Open Source

We are in the process of upstreaming our ffi to Windows Named Pipes API to the Win32 package, see [win32-220].