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SRE Team Update

· 2 min read
John Lotoski

High level summary

The SRE team continues work on cardano environment improvements and general environment maintenance.

Some notable recent updates or improvements include:

  • Sanchonet environment was updated to 8.3.0-pre.
  • Cardano-parts now enables downstream consumers to spin up multiple cardano-networks per repository, an example of which is here.

Lower level summary


  • Add a readme, optimize flake inputs, improve nu and ruby parsing scripts: capkgs-compare



  • Utilize content addressed binaries to significantly improve eval, build and devShell performance: cardano-parts-pull-8
  • Add an aws flakeModule for obtaining ec2 specs, fix node.socket devShell error: cardano-parts-pull-10
  • Fix warns thrown during some builds and devShell usage: cardano-parts-pull-11
  • Add flakeModules and nixosModules in preparation for cardano-node grouped deployments: cardano-parts-pull-12
  • Enable group deployments by: adding several module, profile and role nixosModules; updating flakeModules; adding sops age secrets handling: cardano-parts-pull-13


  • Modify the wireguard network from mesh to star, enable ICMP, enable Nomad raw_exec and add hydraJobs: cardano-perf-compare