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Consensus Team Update

· 2 min read
Damian Nadales

High level summary

We have a proposed fix for the mempool forging regression observed in the UTxO-HD branch. We need to confirm this by running system level benchmarks. We are still working on a fall back mechanism for keeping the baseline performance of Cardano node, if the performance of the UTxO-HD is not enough. On the Genesis front, we confirmed with the researchers that the proposed Genesis design is satisfactory for the historical Cardano chain. We also have a proposed fix for the wrong protocol version bug, found in the Sanchonet, after transitioning to Conway.


  • We optimized the mempool revalidation process, which in turn ought to solve the regression observed during system-level benchmarks in the in-memory version (349). System level benchmark results are pending.
  • Regarding the workaround to keep the node's baseline performance if that of the in-memory backend turns out not to be enough for our stakeholders (344), we are still expanding the legacy block package such that we could at some point run the node with a legacy Cardano block. There are some loose ends to wrap up before we can begin the first test run.
  • We also brought the UTxO-HD branch up to date with node version 8.4.0.


  • We finished the discussion with the Researchers on how to argue that the proposed Genesis design is satisfactory for the existing historical Cardano chain. We are now drafting the final self-contained argument. (4157)


  • We debugged a bad parameter update on the Babbage to Conway transition in the SanchoNet testnet (339). A superficial patch is within reach and we are in the process of reviewing the PRs related to this fix (340, 354, and 355) However we are investigating a more principled redesign of the epoch transition logic, which required us to revisit the existing interfaces of the ConsensusProtocol type class and the HardForkBlock combinator (345 and 346). This is important to prevent these kind of errors in the future. This is an overdue step in the process of taking full ownership of the HFC: reconsidering original HFC design decisions for which we now have much more context, a few years later.