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Ledger Team Update

· 2 min read
Jared Corduan

Ledger Quarterly Update

2022-09 - 2022-11-04

  • We finished a minimal ledger era capable of master key rotation. This will be re-purposed our upcoming work.
  • We have the humble beginnings of a proper ledger API.
  • We improved the problematic cost model serialization (recall the song and dance about updating the cost model one epoch after the hard fork).
  • We have added benchmarks for problematic areas.
  • Massive repository restructure and cleanup.
    • Unified and consistent variable name schemes (not completely finished, but nearly there).
    • Massive reduction in type constraints, which causes a lot of developer friction, in our code and also downstream.
    • More organized module structures.
    • Improved generators for our property tests.
    • We removed our dependency on cardano-prelude.
  • The formal ledger model has come a long way.
    • We created a fork of Agda that provides some meta-programming support for the ledger rules.
    • We have a large amount of the basic UTxO support in the model.
    • We can generate a good looking PDF from the model.
    • We can produce Haskell from the model.
    • We have a nice finite set theory library that we can use for many of the ledger rules.
    • We have nix support for the model.

Next steps

  • Individual tracking of deposits. [issue-3113]
  • Versioned CBOR encoders/decoders. [issue-3014]
  • New ledger era transaction body (and the surround work associated with it).
  • Designs for the next ledger era.