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SRE Q2 2023 Update

· One min read
John Lotoski

2023-04 - 2023-06

Main achievements

In addition to ongoing general maintenance and support of cardano environments, main SRE achievements for this quarter include:

  • Expanding the darwin CI cluster and adding aarch64 builder support
  • Adding bare metal capability to bitte clusters
  • Creating a devx-ci cluster containing a Hydra build server and Linux build farm which is intended to replace Cicero functionality
  • Creation of pool performance analysis queries and scripting
  • Migration of testnet metadata server to cardano-world
  • Cardano shelley qa migration to cardano-world
  • Cardano sanchonet environment spin up to test Conway era functionality
  • Mainnet relay conversion to p2p topology usage is progressing with 50% of mainnet relays now using p2p topology and networking feature

Next steps

  • Continue with the conversion of mainnet to using p2p topology