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Dorin Solomon

High level summary

We made good progress on most of the Action Items we agreed on Lisbon, like:

  • Cardano System Tests was fully open to public (tools, tests, results) See cardano-node-tests webpage.
  • We defined an user-facing-functionality template that is used with the cardano-cli team
    • this includes acceptance criteria & user stories, and definition of done
  • We are in the process of running the cardano-node-tests at commit & PR level in cardano-node (we are affected by the Cicero migration right now but we did most of the work already)
  • We started to apply a labelling convention on cardano-node issues that will be used to generate some visual dashboards with some metrics [TBD]
  • Ziyand Liu started an End-to-End Development and Testing Process for Plutus Features