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· 2 min read
Marcin Szamotulski

High Level Summary

  • We've been working toward publishing Cardano Backlog, currently its in review by the IOG communication team.
  • We identified a number of libraries which can be published.
  • We setup and enhanced cardano-updates.

Detailed description

I am glad to announce that I was given the role of open-source advocate for cardano project. In last few weeks we were making steps towards publishing our backlog. It's currently under review by the communication team, although most of the issues are already visible across various repositories.

The open-source initiatives have their own project. It is set up to help us track our major open-source activities. Right now there are two work streams:

We identifies a number of libraries across all the teams which contribute to Cardano which we would like publish to publish, see the following link. Arnauld Bailly recently published quickcheck-dynamic library on Hackage. The networking team is slowly progressing towards publishing io-sim and related packages, checkout the progress here.

Thanks to Arnaud Bailly our Cardano Updates website has a new look & feel! It's using

Christian Taylor carried recently a detailed analysis of our open-source repositories. He collected many interesting metrics, which allows us to see where we need to improve as an open-source project to make the Cardano project and many smaller related libraries which we maintain be more open and available for open-source contributors.

The graph below shows which documents the 55 most important Cardano repositories are missing the most: Documentation Adoption You can expect we will improve in these metrics in the coming weeks.