Installing nix-tools

To build the latest nix-tools and store the result at ./nt, run:

nix build -f pkgs.haskell-nix.nix-tools.ghc884 --out-link nt

If you would like to then install nix-tools into your profile, run:

nix-env -i ./nt

Optional: Installing via Haskell.nix source

The Haskell.nix and nix-tools source will be useful if you would like to contribute improvements, or read the source code to fully understand something that the documentation doesn't cover.

git clone
git clone
cd haskell.nix
nix build -f . pkgs.haskell-nix.nix-tools.ghc884 --arg sourcesOverride '{ nix-tools = ../nix-tools; }' --out-link nt