ouroboros-consensus-cardano- The instantation of the Ouroboros consensus layer used by Cardano
Safe HaskellNone



The block type of the Cardano block chain

type CardanoBlock c = HardForkBlock (CardanoEras c) Source #

The Cardano block.

Thanks to the pattern synonyms, you can treat this as a sum type with constructors BlockByron and BlockShelley.

f :: CardanoBlock c -> _
f (BlockByron   b) = _
f (BlockShelley s) = _
f (BlockAllegra a) = _
f (BlockMary    m) = _
f (BlockAlonzo  m) = _

Supported protocols

Abstract over the various protocols

data ProtocolParamsMary c Source #

Parameters needed to run Mary

data ProtocolTransitionParamsShelleyBased era Source #

Parameters needed to transition to a Shelley era.