ouroboros-consensus-shelley- Shelley ledger integration in the Ouroboros consensus layer
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praosBlockForging ∷ ∀ m era c. (ShelleyCompatible (Praos c) era, c ~ EraCrypto era, TxLimits (ShelleyBlock (Praos c) era), IOLike m) ⇒ PraosParamsOverrides (ShelleyBlock (Praos c) era) → ShelleyLeaderCredentials (EraCrypto era) → m (BlockForging m (ShelleyBlock (Praos c) era)) Source #

Create a BlockForging record for a single era.

praosSharedBlockForging ∷ ∀ m c era. (ShelleyEraWithCrypto c (Praos c) era, IOLike m) ⇒ HotKey c m → (SlotNo → KESPeriod) → ShelleyLeaderCredentials c → Overrides (ShelleyBlock (Praos c) era) → BlockForging m (ShelleyBlock (Praos c) era) Source #

Create a BlockForging record safely using the given Hotkey.

The name of the era (separated by a _) will be appended to each forgeLabel.

protocolInfoPraosShelleyBased ∷ ∀ m era c. (IOLike m, ShelleyCompatible (Praos c) era, TxLimits (ShelleyBlock (Praos c) era), c ~ EraCrypto era) ⇒ ProtocolParamsShelleyBased era → TranslationContext era → ProtVerOverrides (ShelleyBlock (Praos c) era) → ProtocolInfo m (ShelleyBlock (Praos c) era) Source #