ouroboros-consensus-test- Tests of the consensus layer
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data Rekeying m blk Source #

Functionality used by test node in order to update its operational key

This is the conceptual interface demanded from the test-specific logic. It is used to define tnaRekeyM, which the test infrastructure invokes per the NodeRestarts schedule.


∀ opKey. Rekeying 


  • rekeyOracleCoreNodeIdSlotNoMaybe SlotNo

    The first nominal slot after the given slot, assuming the given core node cannot lead.

    IE the first slot that will result in a block successfully being forged and diffused (eg no PBftExceededSignThreshold).

  • rekeyUpdCoreNodeIdProtocolInfo m blk → EpochNo → opKey → m (Maybe (TestNodeInitialization m blk))

    new config and any corresponding delegation certificate transactions

    The given epoch contains the first nominal slot whose block will include the redelegation certificate transaction.

    The TestNodeInitialization includes the new ProtocolInfo used when the node completes restarting.

  • rekeyFreshSKsStream opKey

    a stream that only repeats itself after an *effectively* *infinite* number of iterations and also never includes an operational key from the genesis configuration

fromRekeyingToRekeyMIOLike m ⇒ Rekeying m blk → m (RekeyM m blk) Source #