ouroboros-network-framework- Ouroboros network framework
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Server implementation based on ConnectionManager



data ServerArguments (muxMode ∷ MuxMode) socket peerAddr versionData versionNumber bytes m a b Source #

Server static configuration.




newtype InboundGovernorObservableState Source #

Currently only StdGen, but in the future this will be extended to a record which contains some useful statistics about peers to support more advanced prune strategies (see. PruneStrategy).

Run server

run ∷ ∀ muxMode socket peerAddr versionData versionNumber m a b. (Alternative (STM m), MonadAsync m, MonadDelay m, MonadCatch m, MonadEvaluate m, MonadLabelledSTM m, MonadMask m, MonadThrow (STM m), MonadTime m, MonadTimer m, HasResponder muxMode ~ True, Ord peerAddr, Show peerAddr) ⇒ ServerArguments muxMode socket peerAddr versionData versionNumber ByteString m a b → m Void Source #

Run the server, which consists of the following components:

  • inbound governor, it corresponds to p2p-governor on outbound side
  • accept loop(s), one per given ip address. We support up to one ipv4 address and up to one ipv6 address, i.e. an ipv6 enabled node will run two accept loops on listening on different addresses with shared inbound governor.

The server can be run in either of two MuxMode-es:

The first one is used in data diffusion for Node-To-Node protocol, while the other is useful for running a server for the Node-To-Client protocol.


data ServerTrace peerAddr Source #


TrAcceptConnection peerAddr 
TrAcceptError SomeException 
TrAcceptPolicyTrace AcceptConnectionsPolicyTrace 
TrServerStarted [peerAddr] 
TrServerError SomeException

similar to TrAcceptConnection but it is logged once the connection is handed to inbound connection manager, e.g. after handshake negotiation.


Instances details
Show peerAddr ⇒ Show (ServerTrace peerAddr) Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Ouroboros.Network.Server2


showsPrecIntServerTrace peerAddr → ShowS Source #

showServerTrace peerAddr → String Source #

showList ∷ [ServerTrace peerAddr] → ShowS Source #

data AcceptConnectionsPolicyTrace Source #

Trace for the AcceptConnectionsLimit policy.

data RemoteSt Source #

Remote connection state tracked by inbound protocol governor.


Instances details
Show RemoteSt Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Ouroboros.Network.InboundGovernor

Eq RemoteSt Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Ouroboros.Network.InboundGovernor

type RemoteTransition = Transition' (Maybe RemoteSt) Source #

Nothing represents unitialised state.