ouroboros-network- A networking layer for the Ouroboros blockchain protocol
Safe HaskellNone




deactivateTimeoutDiffTime Source #

Timeout for spsDeactivateTimeout.

The maximal timeout on ChainSync (in StMustReply state) is 269s.

closeConnectionTimeoutDiffTime Source #

Timeout for spsCloseConnectionTimeout.

This timeout depends on KeepAlive and TipSample timeouts. KeepAlive keeps agancy most of the time, but TipSample can give away its agency for longer periods of time. Here we allow it to get 6 blocks (assuming a new block every 20s).

simplePeerSelectionPolicy ∷ ∀ m peerAddr. (MonadSTM m, Ord peerAddr) ⇒ StrictTVar m StdGen → STM m ChurnModePeerMetrics m peerAddr → PeerSelectionPolicy peerAddr m Source #

prunePolicy ∷ (MonadSTM m, Ord peerAddr) ⇒ StrictTVar m InboundGovernorObservableStatePrunePolicy peerAddr (STM m) Source #

Sort by upstreamness and a random score.

Note: this PrunePolicy does not depend on igsConnections. We put igsPrng in InboundGovernorState only to show that we can have a PrunePolicy which depends on the InboundGovernorState as a more refined policy would do.

complexity: \(\mathcal{O}(n\log\;n)\)

TODO: complexity could be improved.