cryptographic keys

There are multiple type of key for multiple use cases.

Ed25519Signing algorithm for Ed25519 algorithm
Ed25519Bip32Related to the HDWallet, Ed25519 Extended with chain code for derivation derivation
Ed25519ExtendedRelated to Ed25519Bip32 without the chain code
SumEd25519_12For stake pool, necessary for the KES
Curve25519_2HashDHFor stake pool, necessary for the VRF

There is a command line parameter to generate this keys:

$ jcli key generate --type=Ed25519

and to extract the associated public key:

$ echo ed25519_sk1cvac48ddf2rpk9na94nv2zqhj74j0j8a99q33gsqdvalkrz6ar9srnhvmt | jcli key to-public