Adrestia is a collection of products which makes it easier to integrate with Cardano. It comes in different flavours: SDK or high-level APIs. Depending on the use-cases you have and the control that you seek, you may use any of the components below.


As reflected on the roadmap, the Cardano platform is going through the following themes of development:


Themes are being developed in parallel. So far only Byron , which provides the foundation for the platform has made it into the mainnet. The primary purpose of Byron was to release a provably secure proof of stake consensus protocol that is energy efficient and cost effective known as Ouroboros. Shelley is the next theme to be released soon; it’ll bring decentralization and delegations of assets into Byron.

An implementation of the protocol is here and is realized through cardano-node, deployed as core and relay nodes to form the Cardano network.

On top of this, Adrestia provides a set of services to interact with the Cardano blockchain:

As well as an SDK split into several low-level libraries on various topics:

The only currently available language target is Haskell, although support for JavaScript is being worked on and should be available soon.


The Byron reboot era is soon to end by early summer when the Shelley hard fork shall occur. This will break ALL existing exchange integrations. Cardano-sl shall no longer be maintained or supported. Adrestia tooling will support all integrations moving forward for Shelley.

In the diagram below, components in red are non-Shelley compliant and will not be available after the hard fork, while the components in green are Shelley compliant and will be supported during and after the hard-fork.