Command line tools

The software is bundled with 2 different command line software:

  1. jormungandr: the node;
  2. jcli: Jörmungandr Command Line Interface, the helpers and primitives to run and interact with the node.


From a release

This is the recommended method. Releases are all available here.

From source

Jörmungandr’s code source is available on github. Follow the instructions to build the software from sources.

Help and auto completion

All commands come with usage help with the option --help or -h.

For jcli, it is possible to generate the auto completion with:

jcli auto-completion bash ${HOME}/.bash_completion.d

Supported shells are:

  • bash
  • fish
  • zsh
  • powershell
  • elvish

Note: Make sure ${HOME}/.bash_completion.d directory previously exists on your HD. In order to use auto completion you still need to:

source ${HOME}/.bash_completion.d/jcli.bash

You can also put it in your ${HOME}/.bashrc.