This section describe configuration file which can be passed as argument for snapshot service:

  • port: port on which registration-service will be exposed,

  • result-dir: path to folder which artifacts will be dumped (qr-code etc.),

  • voting-tools: voting tools internal parameters section,

    • bin: “voting-tools”,
    • network: network type. Possible values:
      • mainnet
      • { "testnet": 1097911063 },
      • db: dbsync name,
      • db-user: dbsync user,
      • db-host: dbsync host,
      • scale: voting power multiplier. If 1 then Lovelace is used
  • voter-registration: path to jcli executable,

  • vit-kedqr: path to jcli executable,

  • token: token limiting access to environment. Must be provided in header API-Token for each request


 "port": 8080,
 "result-dir": "/persist/snapshot",
 "voting-tools": {
      "bin": "voting-tools",
      "network": "mainnet",
      "db": "dbsync",
      "db-user": "dbsync-admin",
      "db-host": "/alloc",
      "scale": 1000000
 "token": "3568b599a65557b2a2e"