This section describe configuration file which can be passed as argument for registration verify service:

  • port: port on which registration-verify-service will be exposed,
  • jcli: path to jcli executable,
  • snapshot-token: token required by snapshot-service,
  • snapshot-address: address of snapshot-service,
  • client-token: access token for client endpoints (verifying voting power etc.),
  • admin-token: access token for admin endpoints (updating snapshot etc.),,
  • network: network type. Possible values:
    • mainnet
    • { "testnet": 1097911063 },
  • initial-snapshot-job-id: initial job id from snapshot service that will be used when starting service Example:
    "port": 8080,
    "jcli": "jcli",
 "snapshot-token": "3568b599a65557b2a2e",
 "snapshot-address": "https://snapshot.address:8080",
 "client-token": "5e19639accf2d76bae",
 "admin-token": "605a7c515ec781fd39",
 "network": "mainnet",
 "initial-snapshot-job-id": "3b49a0ae-5536-454b-8f47-780d9e7da6a0"