Valgrind is a Rest API project which is simplified proxy solution for catalyst backend.


In main project folder run:

cd valgrind
cargo build

and install:

cargo install --path .

quick start

The simplest configuration is available by using command:

valgrind --block0_path block0.bin

By default valgrind will be exposed at


Valgrind project provides also API for interacting with proxy server. Usage example:

fn main() {
    use valgrind::client::{ValgrindClient,ValgrindSettings};

    let settings = RestSettings {
        enable_debug: false,
        use_https: false,
        certificate: None,
        cors: None,

    let address = "".to_string();

    let client = ValgrindClient::new(address, settings)
    let fragment_logs = client.fragment_logs()?;