Configuration modes

In order to take out the burden of providing entire configuration vitup has two configuration modes:

  • quick - which runs on defaults and allow user to override most important parameters using cli arguments:

vitup start quick

  • advanced - which allows to defined full configuration as well as external static files for proposals and challenges

vitup start advanced

Run Modes

There are 4 run modes available in vitup:

  • interactive - where user can push some fragments or query status of nodes
  • endless - [Default] just simple run until stopped by user
  • service - additional manager service will be published at They allow to control (stop/start) and provides resources over http (qr codes or secret keys)
  • mock - lightweight version of backend with does not spawn any jormungandr or vit-servicing-station services. Mock is also capable of controlling more backend aspect than normal deployment (cut off the connections, rejects all fragments.

Endless mode

There are two ways of starting vitup in endless mode. One with limited configuration and one with giving full control.

vitup start quick --mode endless .. or

vitup start advanced --mode endless ..

Service mode

vitup start quick --mode service .. or

vitup start advanced --mode service ..

Once environment is up one can check status or modify existing environment:

Admin Operations

  • start - in order to start new voting

  • stop - stops currently running vote backend (usually it takes 1 min to stop it)

  • status - check status of environment:

    1. Idle - environment is not started
    2. Starting - environment is starting, please wait until its status is Running,
    3. Running - environment is not running and should be accessible,
    4. Stopping - environment is stopping, please wait until its Idle to start it with different parameters,
  • files: In order to get qr-codes or secret files from env, two operations are provided:

  1. List Files - list all files in data directory for current run
  2. Get File - downloads particular file which is visible in List Files operation result

how to send operations

Voting backend admin console is an REST API accessible over http or https on port 3030. Using POST/GET http methods admin can send some operations to environment. There are various apps capable of sending REST commands. The simplest is to download Postman and use UI to fire up commands.

  1. Download postman:
  2. Review quick guide, how to send dummy request:
  3. Review guide, how to send different requests with arguments:

Available commands:

check environment status


start environment

Default parameters:

start event received

Custom parameters:

    start event received

This requests need to pass environment configuration file in Body.

stop environment

  • Request Type: POST
  • Endpoint : http://{env_endpoint}:3030/api/control/command/stop
  • Response Example:
stop event received

list files

  • Request Type: GET
  • Endpoint : http://{env_endpoint}:3030/api/control/files/list
  • Response Example:
    "content": {
        "network": [
        "qr-codes": [
        "private_keys": [
        "private_data": [
        "blockchain": [
    "root": "./vit_backend",
    "blockchain_items": [

get files

User can list or view files available for current voting. To list all available files /api/control/files/list endpoint can be utilized. Then relative path can be provided in /api/control/files/get/.. endpoint.
For example: http://{env_endpoint}:3030/api/control/files/get/qr-codes/zero_funds_12_0000.png

Interactive mode