Registration service

Registration service is REST service purely for test purposes. It is capable to interact with voter registration cli, cardano cli and vit-kedqr.


In order to build registration-verify-service in main project folder run:

cd registration-verify-service
cargo build
cargo install --path . --force

quick start

The simplest configuration is available by using command:

registration-service --config config.yaml

See config for more details.



Registration CLI is cli utility tool which help to interact with registration verify service without manually constructing requests

See cli for more details.



fn main() {
    use registration_verify_service::client::rest::RegistrationVerifyRestClient;


    let registration_verify_client =
        RegistrationVerifyRestClient::new_with_token(registration_token, registration_address);

     let mut form = Form::new()
            .text("pin", "1234")
            .text("threshold", "500")
            .file("qr", PathBuf::new("my_q.png")?;

    let registration_job_id = registration_verify_client.job_new(form).unwrap();

    let wait = WaitBuilder::new().tries(10).sleep_between_tries(10).build();
    println!("waiting for registration job");
    let registration_jobs_status = registration_client
        .wait_for_job_finish(registration_job_id.clone(), wait)
    println!("{:?}", registration_jobs_status);