The following options are available in the log section:

  • level: log messages minimum severity. If not configured anywhere, defaults to info. Possible values: off, critical, error, warn, info, debug, trace

  • format: Log output format, plain or json

  • output: Log output destination (multiple destinations are supported). Possible values are:

    • stdout: standard output
    • stderr: standard error
    • journald: journald service (only available on Linux with systemd, (if jormungandr is built with the systemd feature)
    • gelf: Configuration fields for GELF (Graylog) network logging protocol (if jormungandr is built with the gelf feature):
      • backend: hostname:port of a GELF server
      • log_id: identifier of the source of the log, for the host field in the messages
    • file: path to the log file


A single configurable backend is supported.

Output to stdout

  output: stdout
  level:  trace
  format: plain

Output to a file

    file: example.log
  level: info
  format: json