The rust node comes with tools and help in order to quickly start a node and connect to the blockchain.

It is compatible with most platforms and it is pre-packaged for some of them.

Here we will see how to install jormungandr and its helper jcli and how to connect quickly to a given blockchain.

There are three posible ways you can start jormungandr.

As a passive node in an existing network

As described here.

The passive Node is the most common type of Node on the network. It can be used to download the blocks and broadcast transactions to peers. However, it doesn’t have cryptographic materials or any mean to create blocks. This type of nodes are mostly used for wallets, explorers or relays.

As a node generating blocks in an existing network

The network could be running either bft or genesis consensus. In the former case the node must have the private key of a registered as a slot leader. For the latter the private keys of a registered stake pool are needed.

More information here

Creating your own network

This is similar to the previous case, but configuring a genesis file is needed. Consult the Advanced section for more information on this procedure.