The database is private to the catalyst-cardano bridge. Access to it is through the Catalyst-Cardano bridge service.

The schema for this database will be managed by the service and is expected to evolve. The concrete schema will be defined as the service is developed, and responsive to the needs of the service. Rather than defining an abstract “ideal” schema in advance, and then being tied to an inefficient implementation.


Initially, the service will target and store data in Postgresql. However, it should be written in such a way that we can easily replace Postgresql with another DB, such as SurrealDB.

To achieve this, database interactions should be contained to a crate which abstracts these interactions. For speed, the service should ALSO attempt to cache as much state internally as it can. However it must be kept in mind that multiple services can and will update the backing database. Accordingly, the internal state should be checked and refreshed/updated as required.

High-Level Data Design

There will initially be three logical databases, though they will NOT be in separate schemas and queries can join information between them.