snapshot wormhole

Snapshot wormhole is a specialized Rest client API project. It has a builtin scheduler for transfering snapshot result file from snapshot-trigger-service to vit-servicing-station service.


In main project folder run:

cd vit-testing/snapshot-wormhole
cargo build

and install:

cargo install --path .


quick start

The simplest run configuration is available by using command:

snapshot-wormhole --config snapshot-wormhole.config one-shot

which will perform a single job of snapshot-trigger-service -> vit-servicing-station

See config for configuration file details.

run modes

Two modes are available:

  • one-shot - ends program after single job is done,
  • schedule - run job continuously based on cron string.


This mode can be helpful for debugging or testing purposes to verify if our configuration is correct and services are available.


Start scheduler based on input cron string. We are using custom cron string which allows to program scheduler based on seconds.

The scheduling format is as follows:

| sec | min | hour | day of month | month | day of week | year |
|  *  |  *  |   *  |      *       |   *   |      *      |   *  |

For example, to schedule each run per 15 minutes starting from now:

snapshot-wormhole --config wormhole-config.json schedule --cron "* 4/60 * * * *" --eagerly

full list of available commands

Full list of commands is available on snapshot-wormhole --help command